scanff's homepage

Welcome here you'll find various projects that I'm working on.

This site is somewhat messed up right now as I lost my hosting and all the files with it.

Google Code is shutting down :/

Due to Google Code closure I will be exporting all my projects to GitHub. You can now find them here

WiiRadio - (Nintendo Wii)

A ShoutCast client. It allows you to listen to internet radio on your Wii.

Project Info.

For more information check out the Wii Radio Wiki page on


On Google Code

Fist - (Nintendo Wii, Windows, Linux)

A retro style fighter game. Features online play and two player modes

Here's a shot of the action.

Project Info.

Comming Soon

Way Of The Exploding Fist PC - (Windows XP,Vista)

Way Of The Exploding Fist PC is a remake of the 1985 classic beat'em by Melbourne House.

This is a remake of a C64 game I threw together in 2007/2008. I'm currently porting and improving this for the Nintendo Wii, Linux and Windows.

Project Info.

Screens from the 2007/2008 remake.



See the second intro. screen on the game. The game should support two joysticks/controllers but I only have one so can someone let me know if the second joystick/controller option works :)

Take a look at for the original C64 instructions.


I've tried to follow the original C64 version so not many. You can change the players color by pressing F8 or F9.


Version 1.0 for Windows. (01/16/2008) (1.47MB)

Let me know if you have any issues with the game. It's been tested/played on Windows XP/Vista.